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Hell’s Grannies – the latest from Lafcadio Press

Two urban fantasy novels, two short story collects, one anthology and now…


Hell’s Grannies: Kickass Tales of the Crone!

Hell's Grannies

Available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Another novel!

Caliburn Press will be publishing my dark fantasy novel, Finding Perdita.

“Fairy Tales can come true, it can happen to you…Run fast!”

Down on her luck and out-of-work, actress Cindy White’s life changes — and not for the better! — when her roommate kicks her out. Landing in new digs in an old Chelsea tenement Cindy discovers a tunnel from the building’s basement that leads to the land of Perdita, a place she’d thought her father had made up in the fairy tales he’d once told her.

Perdita is a dangerous, ruined land of fairies, demons and captives, like her father, whom she thought was dead. In Finding Perdita, a dark fantasy, a young woman discovers her true self and must align it with the old in leaving the world she knows behind in an effort to free her father.



I don’t yet have the cover art, but this is what I did back when I wrote the novella. Eventually I expanded the story into a novel!

I’m really looking forward to the cover reveal from Damnation Books–they have terrific cover art.



New Titles

gnomecvrprint copy

Just out this year:

Hell’s Garden edited by April Grey:
The word garden evokes the image of a place of peace and moderation–the opposite of discord. A gardener decides what plants to cultivate and what is a weed to be destroyed.
But what if the gardeners themselves run amok?
Both “Gunda’s Gnomes” and “When the Devil Came to Hell’s Kitchen” ask what to do with bullies in community gardens.
In “The Orchid” a young woman discovers a new way to look at weeding.
While in “Round and Round the Garden” a girl plays with her friend with disastrous results–our Bad Gardeners.
In “Ten Minutes Till Deadtime” mysterious messages draw a man to his back yard.
Finally, in “Compost” a family is threatened by a specter in their family vegetable plot.
These six dark and fantastic tales explore the various paths evil can take when in Hell’s Garden.


I’ll Love You Forever now available in paper!

What is love? In the eye of the beholder or something more? In these four dark tales, zombies, ghosts, ancient spells and modern crooks show us that love conquers all–even death and despair.

Did it Again

All my e-books at Smashwords are free for the month of July.

And Chasing the Trickster is half price at Coffeetime Romance.

But OMG there’s more…

For free at Smashwords is Darlings of Decay–a new anthology of zombie stories by female writers! My story “I’ll Love Ya Forever, But…” is in there. Have a great summer with lots of free dark fiction.


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Trickster Trailer and Philcon this weekend

Heading down to Philcon and will be on four panels, plus a Rapid Fire Reading at Broad Universe. Hope to make some new friends and potential readers.
The trailer:

It’s here!

One Man, Two Women, Two Gods…who will survive the Trickster’s snare?
Just released from Eternal Press, Chasing the Trickster is a sexy and witty paranormal romance with a dark underside. Taking place in New York City and Santa Fe, Trickster is a tale of love lost and regained, dashed hopes and redemption.

Excerpt from Chasing the Trickster:
She stalked about then stopped in front of one particular photograph. There was a problem with it, but with today being the deadline she hadn’t had the time to risk airbrushing the imperfection out. Some sort of flaw in the film stock or her supplies had created a ghostlike image in the sky of her desert landscape. She pouted in annoyance.
The quality of light was unusual in this one: a combination of a storm blowing in and the setting sun gave the landscape a surreal translucent glow. There was a interesting spray of cactus in the foreground, which drew the eye and balanced the gathering clouds in the sky.
She looked at it again and silently swore. The pin light on it now needed to be repositioned where a moment ago it was just fine. She found a ladder in the hallway supply closet and headed up, balancing precariously on the top step. Refocusing the light on her photo, she noticed something. From where she was, the imperfection had changed into the image of a vehicle and it was on fire. She could see the superheated air wavering up off of the flames. There was a crackling sound of a blaze and she lifted a hand to guard her face against the heat she felt. It was going to explode. She was quite sure of it. Then she was falling backwards.

Almost There!

Sent off final edits!  Release date: November 7th from Eternal Press.

Busy Days

Where to start?

Just sent back 1st edits on Chasing The Trickster. It’s due to be released from Eternal Press just two weeks from now, on Nov. 7th!

My short story, “Todd Nathaniel’s Last Case” was just published in Ephemera by Elektrik Milk Bath Press. You can find copies at B&N, Amazon and at the publisher’s store.

My Tribute to Leonora Carrington will be appearing in November’s Broad Universe.

Also in November I’ll be reading from Chasing The Trickster at the Columbus Branch of the NYC Public Libraries, and will be part of a Rapid Fire Reading with other members of Broad Universe at Philcon.

Yep, I’m very excited by all these wonderful events!