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Hell’s Kitties

Humorous, dark and heart-breaking stories await you in this anthology. Tales of cats, dogs and birds from the pens of brilliant writers.

coverphotoHellskitties copy_edited-4 copy

Cover illustration by Dirk Strangely

Stories included are:

A Feline Familiar—Rayne Hall
Territory—Anya Davis
A Sunset Companion—Mark Cassell
Little Black Protector—Steven Van Patten
Roof Cats—Jonathan Broughton
Hell’s Kitties—Phillip T. Stephens
Seagulls—Rayne Hall
Cats and Dogs On Call—Carole Ann Moleti
Bruised and Battered Nevermore—Amy Grech
Pookie Has Two Daddies—April Grey
Mad About Pigeons—Yurika S. Grant

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